Victory! California’s Legislature Pulls AT&T and Comcast Bill That Protected Their Monopolies


  1. Agent0147


    “When the public speaks out clearly, all the money and influence loses.”

    Tell that to those who’ve been calling for prison reform and ending the war on drugs for the last 10 years or so.

  2. thoruen


    I imagine that plans for satellite internet by Elon’s Starlink & others have traditional telcoms hesitating to spend money on fiber that might not end up being as profitable as they want.

  3. daikiki


    That’s great. Now let’s start a petition to get an amendment on the ballot to eminent domain that final mile so we can let actual capitalism do its work and stop paying two to four times as much for basic broadband as people in other countries do.

    Broadband internet is cheap. Like stupid cheap. The rack rate for a terabyte of data is like a buck fifty. The only reason we’re paying through our noses for it is that Comcast and AT&T and their ilk control that tiny little stretch of cable that goes from the distribution box to our house. That needs to end.

  4. Dalebssr


    Well, the biggest problem with California (east bay and San Jose at least) is the strangle hold att has on anyone installing anything anywhere, period. Their entire step-by-step process is purposefully designed for you to be flagged and pushed back further in the queue.

    We had to send CD’s with the burned copies of the signed profiles to one person, who if having a bad day, would destroy your project for six months and you will never know. If the cd gets damaged, flagged. If the paperwork isn’t exactly in proper order as per the exact/always changing processes, flagged. The only way we protected ourselves was hired a contractor that worked for both att and comcast. We followed his exact process, down to the font, and we made it.

    And we were only $330,000 in the hole from some att *******’s bullshittery. Good luck to anyone who works in that market.

  5. Well, cue the lawsuits from the ISP’s…

    That’s their game, right? Bury any pending changes in lawsuits so that nothing can get done until the court cases have been settled, which could take decades..

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