[FEEDBACK] We’re making an app that allows users to create & consume ‘Playlists of Learning Content’… Thoughts?

I don't want this to get deleted for self-promotion, so I won't include the link to the signup page unless it's requested. You can find it on our profile if you want.


Essentially, we're building what we think of as 'Spotify for Learning'. We're currently developing the MVP with the functionality for creating, consuming and connecting over playlists of text/video/audio learning content:

– Create your Own Playlists, for Private Use or to Share Publicly

– Access Personalised Playlist Recommendations from the Future Builders Moderators

– A Library of Playlists to Help you Keep Track of your Learning

– Lots more Features in the Days & Weeks Ahead!

Let us know what you think & whether the concept resonates with you. If you're at all interested, please feel free to share the sorts of features you'd like to see us develop in the near future – we're 3 people on this full time and it's developing fast 🙂


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