Hearthstone gamer banned for Hong Kong protest – Blizzard has placed a 12-month ban on a Hong-Kong-based professional gamer who staged an anti-government protest during a post-match interview.


  1. ZPhox


    Already Canceled my WoW and I was super excited to play WoW Classic.

    I wrote a note in the cancellation that I will not support a company that finds it appropriate to denounce democracy, and take someone’s freedom of speech away with such a decision. If they feel that my view is not appropriate, they should look more into their gaming community and less in their own pockets.

  2. joshem8


    Um, it’s a gaming event and he brought politics into it, so I’m not surprised action was taken because it breaks ToS or the event rules. I’m not saying it was the right action, I don’t know if it was or not, but I think staging a protest on a broadcast hosted by Blizzard isn’t the correct place to stage an anti-government protest.

    Companies like to stay neutral, so by him saying that on a blizzard hosted broadcast, that is forcing blizzard to take a political side without allowing blizzard to make their own choice in a political matter. It doesn’t matter what side it’s for, any political statement shouldn’t be allowed because if it is, then that would mean blizzard is endorsing that statement by allowing it to be said at their event which could mean loss of business.

    Keep politics out of games. Thank you. There’s a time and place to exercise your right to protest, but it’s not when you’re at work or in a game.

  3. Well, I’ve officially canceled my sub to WoW and will never buy a hearthstone pack ever again.

    There’s just too many other ways to entertain yourself, and I’m at the point in my life where I actually want to vote with my wallet, instead of just talking **** and then handing out the money when the new Blizzard game is coming out like I’ve done in the past with other companies that dun goofed.

  4. 1_p_freely


    I’m outraged! At least, I will continue to be outraged until their next game comes out. Then I will dutifully rush out and buy it.

    Sincerely, the average consumer

  5. Olemied


    They are making this choose in order to avoid losing business. A boycott sounds like the right call here. How do we actually get that **** started outside of a few individuals?

  6. Parasitisch


    Okay, so I get wanting to dislike them since that’s my own personal view of anyone who supports China in this. However, I believe there is a “no politics” rule and for someone with *that* sort of spotlight, I almost want to say I understand why they banned them.
    However, I’d be curious if ANYONE in the same sort of spotlight has ever said anything political. If they have and weren’t banned, then this is 100% Blizzard catering to China. If they were banned, then is this “that extreme?” Most of us who aren’t commie bootlickers would support HK against China, but this isn’t some sort of revolution. It’s someone saying something and a gaming company.

  7. Razoul05


    I get people are upset about corporations (like the NBA) bending over to China because of one persons comments but this is different. This wasn’t somebody who on their time and their channel protested but instead did it on Blizzards time and Blizzards channel. The only difference between this and somebody shouting during a live news broadcast is this represents an opinion that many people agree with.

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