Upcoming AMA with Agatha Bacelar who is challenging Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming Democratic primary to be SF Congressional representative

The AMA will take place Sunday October 13 at 9am PDT

"My goal is to bring informed, practical, and future-savvy tech regulation to the forefront of politics in Washington. Blockchains & cryptocurrencies are absolutely a part of that." -AB

Agatha is a Stanford-educated STEM candidate who has worked at the convergence of government and blockchain with the nonprofit Democracy Earth. As a millennial and Brazilian immigrant who spent years documenting the suffering caused by systemic inequities, Agatha knows that technology is key to resolving the complex problems facing our world. She understands the potential for blockchain and related technologies to enable self-governance, preserve human rights, and create a viable future.

Why challenge Nancy Pelosi?

I’m taking on one of the most powerful politicians in America—not because of who she is—but because of the system she operates. We have already seen the result of trusting the current political establishment to guide us into the future.

Since Pelosi took office in 1989, inequality has risen along with the sea levels. Our schools are more segregated than ever before. Incarceration has increased upwards of 500%. An entire generation became the first in history to be poorer than their parents.

With politicians that favor the status quo in office we cannot expect any meaningful change to occur.  We need people in government willing to embrace new ideas to solve old problems.

Our democracy is a living thing that wants to evolve. Let's stop trying the same things hoping for different outcomes, and build the future we desperately need.

How can I contribute?

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Where can I learn more?

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