Blizzard is under fire from lawmakers, gamers, and maybe even its own employees after punishing a ‘Hearthstone’ competitor who voiced his support for protesters in Hong Kong


  1. scratchman274


    One of Blizzard core values.

    #### lead RESPONSIBLY

    Our products and practices can affect not only our employees and players — but the industry at large. As one of the world’s leading game companies, we’re committed to **making ethical decisions**, always **keeping our players in mind**, and **setting a strong example** of professionalism and excellence at all times.

  2. Jao_R


    I have cancelled my pre-purchase order of Warcraft III: Reforged. If I could take back all the other monies I spent on all their games, I would. As it is, I will stop buying anything from Blizzard from this point forward. I will also stop playing their games. There are so many games and so many game developers.

    While I recognize my actions may be so small as inconsequential, I hope if enough people act as I did, we might be able to make Blizzard feel it.

    This isn’t just about gaming. This is about fighting for what is right. If we stand by and allow China to bully non-Chinese companies, we would wake up to a world subservient to China.

    And that’s a world I don’t want to live in.

    We’re far from the reality of our organs being harvested, but if we stand by and do nothing now, we will live in a future where this is a reality. Where China is the world super power, and where all of us will be jailed for expressing the wrong thought.

  3. StopThinkAct


    Blizzard was like THE game studio when I was a kid. The hours, probably weeks of my life I’ve lost to Diablo I / II / LOD and Starcraft I / II. It’s a real shame I’ll never play any of them again. I had hearthstone installed and bought a couple of packs even to mess around with it.


    I’ve uninstalled all my Blizzard products. Other companies are making better games now anyway, and at least they don’t support those butchers.

  4. HookLeg


    I made a Liberate Hong Kong guild on Drenden/Arathor until my sub runs out. I’m beginning the search for a new game which should be easy since I’m not a hard-core WoW player.

  5. ZigZagProton


    Activision is the most experienced in dealing with gamers’ boycott, they know there simply won’t be any negative impact and it’s just free advertisement for them. It’s already pushing up twitch numbers for hearthstone, bet they are simply having a popcorn party with EA and having fun reading all these boycott comments lol.

  6. khoaaohk


    **** you Blizzard for choosing money over freedom of speech and siding with China to let them dictate what to censor. That’s not what we do here

  7. headvoice73


    So embarrassing and stupid. Embarrassing because Blizz of old would not have done this. Stupid because, anybody at Blizz with a brain In their skull should have seen this Becoming a PR disaster for them. Uninstalling and canceling wow sub. Off to play any game that isn’t a Blizz game …

  8. huffdadde


    Diablo Immortal instead of Diablo 4 was just absolutely stupid. The comment about everyone having phones was tone deaf.

    Telling people they didn’t want WoW Classic because it’ll be harder than current WoW? Clearly they missed the game designer classes where game difficulty was discussed and also they aren’t old enough to experience nostalgia.

    Now, they’re straight up stealing money from kids playing their games. The conversion to Activision has completed. These jerks can take their old IP to China and do whatever they want now. I’ll never give these ***** another dollar the rest of my life.

    I hope the employees can affect change from the inside because at this point Blizzard is dead.

  9. cacophonic7


    I was worried about Chinese influence with the company after the tone deaf Diablo Immortal fiasco and the partnering with Tencent, so this just justifies all my worries as completely valid. They already has flushed their image down the toilet well before this latest **** up.

  10. KhonMan


    Cancel your WoW subscriptions. Disappointing because I was having a lot of fun. Gonna finish this grind to 60 before my gametime is expired then I’m out.

  11. 1_p_freely


    Still don’t know why they did this instead of just giving the usual disclaimer: the views and expressions of this user do not represent Blizzard or its employees”. There, done. No need to ban him and cause an Internet uproar.

    But there is that old saying; any publicity is good publicity.

  12. tocreatewebsite


    Fans pledge to boycott Blizzard, as critics suggest a bias towards China

    Blizzard’s decision has sparked outrage from Americans, who say Blitzchung’s comments should be protected as free speech — especially given that Blizzard is an American company. Supporters of the protests in Hong Kong accused Blizzard of compromising its principles to protect its business interests in China.

    Upset fans have flooded Reddit message boards for Blizzard’s most popular games with posts calling for boycotts of Blizzard.

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