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  1. Teufelskreis8


    bought a small bag of link awhile back, not regretting it

    i was thinking about getting some more, but I’ll be damned if i buy into this pump. what’s everyone’s entry, if you’re considering one? I’m thinking about getting some more around 2.10 if/when it drops back to that level.

    If it never does then I will accept that too

  2. RoklemCrypto


    I hear compelling arguments on both sides for the “does BTC post a climate change problem’. What are your thoughts? I want the “BTC is bad for the climate!” side to be wrong, but I’m not sure they are. Thoughts?

  3. nadoterisback


    this sub is toxic as **** lately

    any comment or discussion about any coin/token which is not in CMC top 10 is insta downvoted

    people here have likely created bots quickly scan and downvote any comment which does not have a mention of any top 10 coin/token

    disgusting community right now

  4. TheThird__


    If you buy 100k REN you can run a darknode. why ? darknodes allow dex/Defi data to be private. you get paid for running a darknodes.

    REN will be releasing mainnet in Q4, hence the recent positive price action.

    once true privacy hits Defi – it means the crypto space can act like a tax haven. no one has connected these dots.

    this is what decentralisation is about – removing the middle man and replacing it with emotionless fair algorithm (smart contracts).

  5. parakite


    This sub needs more stories/posts. Lot of crypto happenings aren’t even reported here, I’ve observed. People go to their coin subs, and don’t report their stories here, normally.

  6. I used to check in on this sub every hour, then daily, now lucky if once/twice a week. Soon its going to be once or month then only on anniversaries or birthdays.

    My crypto sex drive is waning. How do I spice things up?

  7. fivedollarshirt


    Could this be the fabled Golden Bull Run? In 1876 economists and mathematicians theorised the existence of a economic-ecosystem that had reached a form of transcendence – creating an endless positive feedback loop. They proposed that such a system entering this state would begin what they called the Golden Bull Run. Various mathematical models were created to show what this Golden Bull Run would look like.

    Through my PhD research I believe cryptocurrency may be entering the early stages of a Golden Bull Run. In this stage early investors could potentially earn an endless supply of wealth – as the system generates tangible wealth rather than just moving it around.

    Economists believed that the slow nature of the stock market meant that harmful players could sabotage the emergence of the Golden Bull Run before it could get started. However it looks like the extremely fast paced nature of cryptocurrency means it is not susceptible to these types of attacks.

    If I am right we could see something never before experienced in the history of the universe. Hold on while you can – takeoff is imminent

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