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Our district has just recently moved 1 to 1 and I am wondering, what technology is you go to? I am a high school science teacher. So far, I really enjoy Peardeck as a formative assessment tool. I want to know what else is out there!

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  1. MrMasley


    [GoFormative]( for auto-graded short worksheets

    [Quizlet]( for class review

    Video lectures (can use [EdPuzzle]( if you need to track who’s completed the video)

    [Google Classroom]( to post assignments & announcements

    I organize the curriculum for students on the newer Google sites. I think one of the most valuable aspects of 1-to-1 is that you can potentially have your whole curriculum accessible to students 24/7 and make really detailed step by step instructions and connections between concepts, and have a class site with every day and resource available and organized.

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