UNICEF launches Cryptocurrency Fund


  1. klaudiaschulz


    Wow this is great news, it is for a great cause and for blockchain adoption. I always love how we can integrate it with the community because it’s truly possible.

    Recently, I stumbled upon projects that also requires interaction to the community by having them rate by the work they’ve done for that project, it’s called social mining. It’s like [airdrop or bounty for holders](http://harmony.one/?utm_source=lx).

    Anyways, love the idea I hope more corporations are also open to this.

  2. ahivarn


    This is big news. Often people with black money will donate to temples churches or such charity orgs to self repent.. Now they can do that now discreetly.

  3. eastsideski


    UNICEF has sponsored a couple Ethereum hackathons this year, I’ve been really impressed with the work they’ve been doing in this space. Crypto has tons of potential to help organizations like them.

  4. Ruzhyo04


    Wow, great job by the Ethereum Foundation!

    I clicked the button up top to donate, but didn’t see a crypto payment option yet. Coming soon hopefully?

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