Blizzard’s former ‘World of Warcraft’ lead is boycotting the firm for punishing a ‘Hearthstone’ competitor who supported the Hong Kong protests


  1. cellcell


    This outrage is a joke, I understand why people are mad but what the hell is blizzard going to do about the human rights issues in china. The actions blizzard took were wrong but nothing comes from this.

    At the end of the day it comes down to what are you going to do about the real issue. Which for most is nothing at all.

  2. CodezGirl


    I’m not being pro china here, but everyone getting all militant and saying “Yeah punish Blizzard! Hit them where it hurts” should bear in mind that the people that are going to be affected first by a major profit loss are not going to be the execs that made the banning decision. Those dudes in fancy offices are going to react by firing a whole lot of support staff, dev’s, marketing personnel. All the little people who had nothing to do with it. Hell a lot of them probably agree with your viewpoint but unfortunately need to keep feeding their kids.

    I’m not suggesting not protesting or whatever, I just feel it would be more effective if the protests were targeted at the guys that made the decisions.

    Just to re-iterate, not pro china, screw that government, go south park

  3. Chemical_Arm


    It’s amazing to me that we live in a world where the line is increasingly blurred between private/corporate interests and public/state interests.

    Just sounds like a bad idea on paper, and Blizzard deserves everything that it happening to it and more.

    When world stage politics directly affects your bottom line because of your connection to **** governments, it’s time to reevaluate your priorities as an organization. Let some c-suite heads roll.

  4. omgpiu


    I’m going to get a lot downvote… but … why someone pretend that he/she can use a game for his/her political point of view?? This is a game! You don’t mind about it ? Someone manipulate you but for you it’s fine… guys rly? I thought games are not in this ******* circle with politicians, wars, ideologies… I’m really upset…

  5. nacholicious


    While I am glad that Mark is making the right choice, it feels like this article heavily leans on presenting a credibility that might not be reflective of reality.

    Mark has managed to ruin his once impressive reputation into what can only be described as being viewed as a literal clown with less than zero credibility by his peers for close to a decade, and after his very rich history after he left Blizzard it would take a small miracle for him to ever find employment in the gaming industry again.

  6. Can anyone link me to a spark notes article on what happened? In the last 24 hours I’ve seen like 30 posts about blizzard employee quits, blizzard employee resigns in support of, ect.

    But I’ve been stuck at work and can’t really get a birds eye view of wtf happened.

  7. Hullabalooga


    After doing some researching, I’m actively boycotting any game that is owned even in part by Tencent; a massive Chinese tech and entertainment company that owns shares in many large gaming companies including Blizzard/Activision (5%), Ubisoft (5%); and majority shares in companies like Riot (100%) and Supercell (84.3%) – among others.

    To some extent this is corporations caving to the pressure of the Chinese market, which I can disagree with but understand; businesses are in the business of making profit.

    But it seems like there is also pressure directly from the Chinese government through their colosal, international (I can’t stress that word enough) corporations and conglomerates.

    I’ve been a lifelong gamer, and I love some of these studios and have invested a lot of time into their games.. but my value system is not for sales even if their values are.

  8. Azozel


    Can I ask , how does a former employee boycott a game company? He probably already owns the games and has a lifetime subscription to any of the subscription services and doesn’t have to pay for anything. So… how does he boycott? Just not play the games from that company? If so, I had no idea I was boycotting Blizzard…

  9. 69420fortnite


    Don’t buy the new cod. I really want to but my disgust outweighs my want to play. I’m also deleting my cod mobile. Activision. Go to hell along with the communist party of China.

  10. You know what word has lost all meaning? Boycott. Everyone is boycotting everything yet the targets of these boycotts aren’t actually effected. They simply have to ride the pr storm out until some **** restaurant releases a chicken sandwich.

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