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  1. puremage111


    Need some explanations on Bakkt Physical Settled BTC Contract

    Based off this chart: [https://twitter.com/BakktBot/status/1182201604990230530/photo/1](https://twitter.com/BakktBot/status/1182201604990230530/photo/1)


    The trading volume has hit its ATH by 9/10 when the price of BTC pumped abit

    For example we will use the data from 9/10/2019, My questions is,

    1) Out of the 224 BTC contract, do people buy all these 224 BTC contract from Baktt?

    2) For example there are total of 500 BTC contract in total that will be expired in OCT19, does this means that Bakkt would require to buy and pays off the 500 BTC from market to the contract holder?

    3) If (2) Yes, is there any limit on how many contract Bakkt could sell to the public? I mean you can’t have more than 21 Million BTC worth of contract available to be sold in the market where BTC circulating supply is barely even 20M Right?

    Thanks and regards

  2. iholdada123


    Some time ago I bought a cool website name for a crypto gambling site, but my “partners” decided to quit.

    I have both the .com and .io websites, if anyone is interested I would want to sell it for the price I paid for them, 100 euro (totall). I would accept any coin as payment 🙂 .

    If interested, just send me a direct message.

  3. parakite


    Dreams are often more than just dreams, sometimes it’s a message from the gods, the crypto gods.

    Throughout the dream, there’s nothing but a recurring voice out of nowhere, kept mentioning “ETH1….ETH2…ETH3……”. It repeated for many times, i wonder what that means?

    Or sometimes, there’s nothing but a recurring voice out of nowhere, kept mentioning “XRP….XRP….XRP…….”.

    It repeated for 589 times, i wonder what that means?

  4. TheThird__


    I predict a healthy weekend pullback. Alts have shown what they can do this week. Ren, link etc.

    Just remember kids BTC is as important to alts as alts are as important to BTC. Respect both.

  5. ILoveBeerSoMuch


    Is there a widget for iOS that displays coin prices quickly, rather than opening an app? Coinbase’s widget does this (scroll once to the left from the home screen) but it only shows 3 coins max. Is there another app out there that has a widget that can display multiple coin prices?

  6. salientlife93


    Shorted Link from 33k Sats yesterday….i still believe in it fundamentally long term but a 70% gain in less than 10 days is unsustainable and hugely overbought on RSI. Waiting for it go back below 25k at least.

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