Hong Kong Free Press has switched from Bitpay to BTCPay Server


  1. skaag


    It’s in extreme times like these you find out which infrastructure you can rely on in a doomsday scenario. Any operation running out of the US should be considered unreliable. Same goes for Coinbase, Gemini, etc.

    And let’s be clear here: People at those operations mean well, but they are subject to the legal and political realities of the country where they operate. I know the people at Bitpay do not want this to happen, deep inside, but their hands are tied.

    If I was HKFP I’d simply put a QR code on the site and have the funds flow directly to some Trezor wallet. This way they also keep 100% of donations, and their money is free of any kind of geo-political restrictions.

  2. BashCo


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