Rwanda just released the first smartphone made entirely in Africa


  1. DreadPirate777


    This is great news! I know a lot of consumer electronics companies are trying to move away from china manufacturing. This is a great signal to those companies that it is possible.

  2. thedarwintheory


    But isn’t China colonizing Africa heavily with manufacturing and industry and shipping people over there to exclusively work these plants? Aka no Africans are allowed to work there? So aren’t these just Chinese good, with extra steps?

  3. epicpotatoski


    I’ll buy an african phone if it’s good.

    I mean. What’s not to love.

    My country colonized the shjt out of africa and asia. Asia got back up. Mostly.

    Now it’s africa’s turn.

    Always said. Want to support and develop africa? Don’t gift. buy, invest.

  4. Absolutely fantastic news. Very glad to see an African company sourcing from Africa. They have all the raw materials – labor, minerals, know how – there’s zero reason for them not to succeed. Especially if made available outside Rwanda – even double these price points, they’re significantly cheaper than current alternatives.

  5. pablo_the_bear


    Rwanda is on the rise. They have the goal of becoming the Singapore of Africa. They’ve got an airline, and this phone is a fantastic step as well. I’m excited to see what they can accomplish. Meanwhile, people still equate Rwanda with a genocide from 25 years ago.

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