Speech to text converter?

For a school project I have to transcribe over 3 hours of interviews. Is there any program or app I can use to make my life easier?

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  1. NerdyKirdahy


    Google’s cloud speech to text service returns pretty clean text, but requires some learning to set it up properly, and might cost some money depending on how long your recordings are: https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/

    Alternatively, you could just open a Google Doc and play your audio file in chunks to its built in speech recognition function (which probably uses most of the same back end technology). You could probably use some software to feed the audio file directly to the browser instead of playing it over a speaker.

    If Google makes you feel uncomfortable, every Mac ships with speech to text embedded in the OS. Now that Siri is on the Mac, I can’t remember if speech to text is still locally processed, or if they send it to servers. In any case, turn it on in system prefs and open a TextEdit document to start transcribing.

    Finally, there’s the thousand monkeys on typewriters approach (AKA [the blurst of times](https://youtu.be/9uYhIiW6lok): Break the file up into five minute chunks and feed it to fourth graders for typing practice.

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