There’s A Blizzard Boycott Movement After A “Hearthstone” Player Was Suspended For Supporting Hong Kong Protesters


  1. slowryd3r


    What’s it called when you hear about something and then after that you start notice it everywhere?

    Because after that south park episde of them making fun of companies bending over backwards for Chinese censor I’ve noticed it going down everywhere. Blizzard, NBA, Marvel, Disney, Apple, I saw a comment here yesterday with a huge list of companies and how they let the Chinese control and censor them. Hopefully someone saved it and can link to it.

  2. Cancelled sub yesterday. Please do the same fellow subscribers. Your games will still be playable and you can always resub at no additional cost at a later time if you change your mind or Blizzard changes their policy.

  3. Why the **** would a gaming company decide to just take a loud, obnoxious, highly visible position in one of the most tense situations on the planet right now? On. The. Wrong. Side. ??

    I mean, they’re volunteering to alienate a huge portion of their audience, without cause or need, in the best case scenario. In the worst, which they’ve chosen, they alienate the young, freedom-loving residents of most nations in the world, who have absolutely no reason to keep supporting their products. Gaming is one of the most competitive industries on the planet and its trivial for someone to just cut their subscription and move to a competitor’s product.

    Congratulations, Activision-Blizzard, you’ve just opted to create a movement to boycott your company from scratch.

  4. JaiC


    All I know is I sure do suddenly have a lot of extra space on my hard drive.

    Boycotting Blizzard for something like this doesn’t have to be about making Blizzard change.

    It can simply be to feel good about your own values.

  5. biodrones


    From Blizzard’s perspective, a boycott can easily be ignored. Unless the boycott costs them more than they can make from a nation of 1.3 billion people, Blizzard is going to choose China.

    Corporations have no morals.

  6. BpRue


    As there should be. American companies shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to suck the Chinese market’s **** any time there is something that can even mildly offend them.

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