Blizzard denies reports that it’s banning Twitch viewers for pro-Hong Kong chat


  1. XeNaN


    I have no clue if they did or saw that video that is supposedly evidence but blizzard have banned people in the OWL chat for far less so it isnt hard to imagine that they did in this matter.

  2. fr3ddie


    I support the hong kong movement and what not… but srsly… you get banned from twitch chat for much less. and the shits so toxic… nobody should be wasting their time reading twitch chat.

  3. Supersighs


    They’re banning the messages because they are spam, not because it’s Pro-Hong Kong. Don’t let facts stop the circle-jerk though, the pitchfork warehouse is almost out of stock.

  4. bleuchz


    Obviously this will get down voted but here’s a literal quote from the article:

    >The explanation seems to make sense. Per The Verge, the chat bans were inconsistent given some pro-Hong Kong comments appear to have been left undeleted during reruns of reruns of Masters Tour games. And at least one Reddit user claimed the US games giant has also banned Twitch viewers who express pro-China views.
    This might be a false alarm, but Blizzard has been at the centre of a political firestorm in recent weeks after meting out a series of bans to Hearthstone players expressing pro-Hong Kong views.

    Doesn’t seem many commenting here have read it or care to.

  5. PopRockCat


    Hmmm so you’re saying if a company states that they want something to be apolitical and then you decide to directly violate that and spam political messages then you’ll be banned??

    *surprised pikachu face*

    PS. People spammed pro China comments and they were banned as well. Reddit needs to get its head straight.

  6. merkwerk


    The sad part is in the long run I don’t think this will affect them at all, **** I would love to be proven wrong but I’m already seeing people getting hyped for the Diablo 4 leaks. Hell as someone that grew up playing Diablo it’s hard not to get excited myself, but I just can’t justify giving a company this blatantly shitty my money anymore.

  7. Sabbathius


    Sigh… I see all these “**** Blizzard!” posts, but I’m already mentally preparing to have my heart broken yet again. In literally a few weeks Blizz will announce Diablo 4, and pretty much everyone will be tossing money at them again.

  8. AyULz


    > “**We are not banning people** from Twitch chat for specifically using pro Hong Kong speech or any other political statements. **Bans are being levied by an automated moderating system that’s triggered by viewers spamming any phrase repeatedly.** We expect to have the issue corrected in the next few hours.”

    The actual statement. Can you people stop falling for business insider’s clickbaiting titles? They always do this.

  9. Bemxuu


    In this very article there’s a screenshot with someone banned with a quoted reason “Phrase #136”. How could reason “Phrase #136” even mean “spam”?

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