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  1. How on earth you guys miss out on Chainlink is a mystery to me.
    Nano and BTC will fail. A currency doesn’t work as a currency if everyone keeps hoarding it to sell. Chainlink solves a real problem… are you guys really that slow?

  2. ******* bittrex, they keep delisting tokens and countries and give people like 1 week notice before they literally SEIZE their funds.

    Such a shady practice, just look at binance, they told US Customers to withdraw months before and if they didn’t to it in that timeframe, they still can to it for years probably.

    I am not affected as i am not in one of these 32 countries, but i will never trade on there again. Die you **** exchange.

  3. Edmund_N


    **Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Industry News – (10.11.19 – 10.18.19)**

    *Total Market Cap, as of 10.18.19 at 12:00pm (PST): 217,388,157,488 (-3.25%)*

    ***Missed the last news update?*** [*Click here for a summary*](https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/dh35ys/daily_discussion_october_13_2019_gmt0/f3hqzs1/?context=3)


    · The **U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)** issues a temporary restraining order against **Telegram Inc.** and **Ton Issuer Inc.** for what the agency claims as an “ongoing illegal offering of digital-asset securities called Grams”.


    · **Ripple**, **Coinbase**, **Panthera Capital**, **Digital Currency Group** and **Jump Capital** have invested in Mexico’s largest crypto exchange **Bitso** to expand its operations across Latin America.

    · **Bitfinex** launches the Bitfinex Affiliate Program, allowing users to refer new users and earn commissions from trading fees.

    · **KuMEX**, the derivatives arm of **KuCoin** to launch a bitcoin monthly futures contract in a few weeks.

    · **Huobi Global** plans to launch a fiat gateway for users in Turkey by offering a Turkish Lira to Tether onramp.

    · **Circle** parts ways with **Poloniex** to spin off a new company dubbed “**Polo Digital Asset**”. The new platform will not serve U.S. customers.

    · **Binance Futures**, the derivatives arm of **Binance** is raising its maximum leverage to 125x with the launch of bitcoin (BTC) and tether (USDT) contracts.


    · The chairmen of the **U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)**, **Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)** and the **Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN)** have issued a joint statement addressing KYC/AML obligations for crypto users.

    · The **Government of Bermuda** announced on Wednesday it will accept USD Coin (USDC) for payment against taxes, fees and other government services.

    · The **Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)** issues a compliant accusing cryptocurrency and foreign exchange investment firm **Circle Society** and its operator David Gilbert Saffron for misappropriating investors funds and registration violations.


    · **Booking Holdings**, the parent company behind Booking.com has announced its departure from the **Libra Association**.


    · The next release of popular bitcoin wallet **Electrum** will support payments through the bitcoin Lightning Network.


    · **Bank of America** currently has six roles open for individuals with experience in blockchain technology or the ability to apply it in a banking context.


    · **@AngeloBTC** – “*Patiently waiting for $6k $BTC levels where I will add to long-term holdings. Good luck homies.”*

    · **@Nebraskangooner ­**– *“The lower #Bitcoin drops, the more risk there is involved with leverage trading. Smaller moves are higher percentages. So please.. Don’t use 125x leverage on Binance. They have plenty of money without your donations.”*

    · **@Bitcoin_Vending** – “*Never let anyone tell you that you “got lucky” when it comes to bitcoin. You invested the time to learn. You invested money to be a part. You had the conviction to ignore the many around you that thought or called you an idiot. That’s not luck, that’s work.”*

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