Incredibly inaccurate reporting from The Independent.


  1. What? I can’t believe bitcoin did this! I’m disappointed in btc now, and will now keep all my money in fiat and trust the government not to inflate it and trust the bank not to screw up either

  2. Media pushes the agenda of the owner (see Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post and the smear campaign against sanders). what we need to do is find out who is pulling the strings behind The Independent and understand their motive. follow the crumbs.

  3. Literally the first result that came up when I wrote “drug bust” into Google news search:

    > 56 packages, each containing 1kg of heroin, with a street value of between £2.5 and £3 million, hidden in bags and a suitcase, were also found at an address in Bradford, officers said.

    Does that mean the headline in the Independent should be:

    – More than £3M in heroine seized in drug market place run by British Pound Sterling?

    – More than £3M in heroine seized in drug market place run by Bradford?

    – More than £3M in heroine seized in drug market place run by kilograms?

    They all make about as much sense as their bitcoin headline. This is honestly as bad as not knowing that, say, kilometres are a unit of distance and saying that “this year’s British rowing team have achieved over 23km of medals”.

  4. Shig2k1


    Bitcoin has nothing to do with the exchange of such materials, it’s simply the method of payment. You might as well blame mastercard when someone goes postal with an ar-15 they bought on credit

  5. Etovia


    Main stream media are the worst source of news out there.

    To be honest, small media are not too good either… but at least you can find some good “youtubers” (also on other platforms) that stick to talking about things they have a clue about.

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