Tech, Business, and Education: Top Trends to Expect in 2020


  1. grendelt


    > The hackathon hosted by 1Ci aimed to showcase solutions that can make the whole process a lot easier… [participants] (current students) could use JavaScript or the1C:Enterprise development platform.

    Well there’s a false dichotomy. “You can use JavaScript or our product.” *Tada!* “Look how much more they prefer our product!” Sure JavaScript may not be the easiest, but relying on an otherwise closed platform to automate processes does lock you in not only to their product (and pricing), but also to their way of accomplishing things.

    What if I won’t want my widget to do that thing that way but the other way? ‘It’s not supported at this time.’ With a language like JS that may seem difficult to master, part of that difficulty is understanding the raw power you have for every step of the way. Learning to ride a bike is harder than learning with training wheels. Sure training wheels make it easy and you can get from here to there. To do it fast, do it long term, or do it with style requires one to remove the training wheels and grapple with the core problem to begin with. (You don’t see couriers, professional athletes, or BMX riders with training wheels.)

    > When coding in JS, it took participants at least three hours to build an app, which can be done in only a few minutes via 1C:Enterprise.

    Yeah, but what’s the cost of building that app with the abstracted toolset? With JS, it’s essentially free. And you’re not building your product on top of someone else’s product. You control the whole app not reliable on third party.

    > Thus, we have a perfect illustration of the potential efficiency of the shift from traditional software development tools.

    “Perfect illustration”. Imma stop you right there. One closed-choice artificial exercise is anecdotal at best, not representative of the whole. This is why you should leave “trends” research to researchers and not marketers.

  2. grendelt


    Reminds me how I miss the Horizon Report (for non Higher Ed audiences).

    > “Top Trends to expect in 2020”

    Should be “Here’s a list of 3 barely tenable positions curated by me.”

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