Boeing faces new whistleblower complaint as former engineer says faulty 787 Dreamliner systems could leave passengers without oxygen in emergencies


  1. AngusBoomPants


    Just waiting for The Onion to make an article:

    “Suicide bombers reveal they’ll no longer hijack Boeing planes, ‘they’re just too dangerous and not safe’ quotes one ISIS soldier”

  2. whx240


    Its the typical case of the sink shitter, you hear a rumour that a person took a **** in the kitchen sink and dismiss it as a silly rumour and total nonsense…
    However when you hear that rumour from different independent sources in unrelated areas…
    You now start to think maybe there is a possibility that we have a sink shitter…

  3. colin8651


    Is it that the masks don’t drop or the canisters don’t activate. They are not actually pressurized Oxygen tanks , but these mini beer keg type contraptions. When you pull the mask down a mechanical hammer drops on a grenade type trigger that mixes two chemicals to make O2.


    If its the door doesn’t open and the masks don’t drop then Boeing has a problem.


    LPT, your mask doesn’t drop in a loss of pressure, I guess we all have to learn that its just a weak piece of plastic that you can just punch and tear it open. Better do it quick before you pass out.


    Great, now another item added to the pre-flight cabin briefing.


    “If your mask doesn’t deploy, use your fist to break the lid. Proper punching methods are detailed in the emergency card in the seat back in-front of you.”

  4. pooponagoose


    Until these corporations are punished this will continue to happen. And slapping them with a fine that amounts to pennies (getting fined 1 million when they have 1 billion in the bank) isn’t a punishment.

  5. duetmasaki


    >The representative added that FAA inspectors are located at all Boeing final-assembly facilities, and that all its planes “go through multiple safety and test flights, as well as extensive Boeing, FAA, and airline inspections before they leave our factory” and before passenger flights.

    Yeah, and that’s why all the planes are grounded now?

  6. lightknight7777


    I’m really unsure how they can take tech that has worked wonderfully for decades and **** it up. You don’t make passengers beta or even alpha test your ****.

    I assume they were really banking on how rare it is for any of that stuff to be deployed. But the old tech still worked so there was no need to make it more expensive at the cost of unreliability.

  7. codesign


    I don’t like calling a former engineer a whistleblower.

    It’s like, had he kept his job would he have said anything?

    I appreciate the disclosure and he should be protected for helping public safety but this leaves me feeling uncomfortable with misuse of whistle-blower protections as retribution.

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