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  1. nadoterisback


    XLM may burn even more tokens now since their original plan failed

    Keep burning the **** until price HAS to increase

    Eventually they will be left with only 1/100th of their initial supply. Burned off 99% of that ****


  2. almondbutter


    So great to see IoTeX pumping again, last week, I locked up a bunch of erc-20 tokens for staking to get the obscene rewards. In some cases up to %30. It’s crazy. Apparently on their subreddit they expect major news dropping tomorrow, so that explains the pump. Be careful if you want to invest, it may be better to wait until after this major pump. A decent buy in over the last months has been 43-50 satoshis. If you see it there in the next couple months, that is a great investment imho. Also if anyone has any questions about the staking, feel free to pm me. It can be [a bit tricky](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vSrTSl2o2or7TJNpmjcOd57fbHgYGIwTJg0gJmkGuL5Ci5l3hgW1WMDVpzsleA9Vk5gN5OyjAe9osy-/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000#slide=id.p1) if you’ve never done smart contracts before, but entirely painless. Good luck out there.


    EDIT: Oh look, here I am 2 months ago mentioning IOTX as a sound investment because someone asked what your moonshots are. Four downvotes for answering a question. What’s the deal are you getting paid to downvote responses that don’t mention certain coins?


  3. notyourrealdaad


    I literally bought a bunch of tezzies sarcastically because my friend was trying to tell me it was going to change the world or some **** and I thought he was an idiot. And now look at us. Jesus ******* Christ boyos. This really is the dankest timeline haha. 2017 was wild.

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