Feds raid New York tech firm suspected of selling Chinese equipment to the U.S. military


  1. Nuck_Figgers_88


    For anyone who doesn’t understand *why* this is an issue, imagine if we were buying spyware from Nazi Germany, and using it to send data on our own military straight to Hitler. That’s what we’re doing.

  2. KD2JAG


    Drive past this area every day on my drive to work. Crazy to see this in my own neighborhood.

    Area is known as a fairly affluent and successful business district.

  3. SmooK_LV


    I mean, wouldn’t it be easier for spying purposes to hire local firms to create back doors rather than supply tech from overseas with existing back doors? Not that there shouldn’t be controls in place but outside of throughout inspection, tech from China could be acceptable – of course it does pose other issues strategically and politically so still shouldn’t be done but it’s not huge deal as long as controls are in place.

    More like all tech needs to be throughoutly inspected before it gets accepted in military – which I would like to believe is being done already.

    So in short, assuming military already has the right controls in place and thanks to which this was discovered, this is not news worthy.

  4. Someone in the military really dropped the ball on this too. If a company like this is going to be contracted for something as serious as surveillance and security technology, they should have been investigated top to bottom BEFORE signing or buying anything. Would have been fairly easy to figure out they weren’t actually making anything if they’d actually done their due diligence.

  5. SheeEttin


    Because the headline doesn’t contain the relevant info: the company is Aventura, and the products “include a $13,500 laser-enhanced night vision camera ordered by the U.S. Navy and 25 body cameras purchased by the U.S. Air Force, prosecutors said”.

  6. I just want to know which one of those guitars gives you access to the entire government database when you strum a G minor seventh…or is it like the Close Encounters of the Third Kind keyboard and we summon aliens? I like both.

  7. Sleazy4you2say


    Many comments here about the Buy American Act and claims that everything must be 100% American made.

    I have been involved with naval shipbuilding for many years, and traveled extensively to test products, usually in factories. I have witnessed test for Navy components in Italy, England, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden.

    Yes, these were large components and subject to the buy American clause but there are many exceptions granted. I can’t speak as to small sub- component requirements.

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