Found this gem! CEO of transferwise says bitcoin is dead, April 2016 @ $450 per bitcoin. The irony being now that their competitor square cash app has integrated bitcoin they need to follow suit or get left behind.


  1. powerfunk


    >Now, blockchain, I think, is a genius advancement in technology.

    Why do bitcoin death-pronouncers always have to hedge their bets with “blockchain is a great technology?” It’s not that great…except for cryptocurrency

  2. Xescure


    What’s square cash app anyway? Never heard of them and I think they have to be more afraid of Revolut and other neobanks offering interbank exchange rates and free international transfers.
    Also, this has barely anything to do with crypto…

  3. B1ackCrypto


    I feel like usage stats should be shown before making these kinds of claims. Bitcoin has been usable in a plethora of locations for some time now. But last I saw stats show practically no one uses it for anything beyond a speculative asset. Like >90% of btc txs are still directed towards exchanges.

  4. slvbtc


    Transferwise support the Nigerian Naira but not bitcoin ffs. Any fintech company that claims to be a disruptor yet doesn’t integrate the worlds internet native currency (bitcoin) is not a disruptor they are really just part of the incumbent legacy system..

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