Congress to FCC: Where’s the damn report on mobile companies selling location data?


  1. ZenDendou


    You wanna know what Ahit Pai is doing? He is busy running around slapping lawsuit against any states that is trying to do their own version of Net Neutality. He doesn’t care about any mobile phone data breach or any BS. He care more about his precious kickback and licking Trump’s ass for letting him do what he wanted.

  2. cardenios


    Hey Congress: Just to save you the trouble, your elected positions hold basically no power, you’re there for show so the people feel “represented”.

    Now get back to passing laws in one house and blocking them in the other or we’ll have to start leaking the things our security agencies have been quietly collecting all your life.

  3. TruthDontChange


    Congress has had two years to demand this,or do something about it. FCC has stripped away every protection for citizens and given telecom’s every advantage. Europe has a strong set of privacy laws protecting it’s citizens. The EU passed these law despite every attempt by telecom’s/ISP’s to stop them from being passed. Further, despite their passage, none of these companies has ceased doing business in Europe. However, in the U.S. no such protection exists. Companies can charge us for service and also sell our data without providing us any compensation or recompense. Further, they are under no obligation to protect our data or ensure those to whom they sell it will not misuse it.

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