This didn’t age well


  1. Dude-How


    Optimism is great and all, but no one should be taking anything serious on twitter or reddit.

    Also on a slightly different note, from my past experience, institutions will refrain from buying research reports from firms that are affiliated with exchanges. The reason is because, sometimes the reports motive is just to increase trading activity for the exchange to make more money.

  2. coinoleum


    Bitcoin went up over $12k after that tweet. He was right.

    The butthurted r/cc people saying this didn’t age well probably can’t trade, and don’t have the skill to sell at $12k and buy back and sell again.

    The typical r/cc poster will buy on fomo and sell on fear, are permabutthurt, and by now hate crypto because they got burned by their own emotions too many times.

  3. DonDinoD


    A weak hands shake off

    You never know who you are selling to.

    Big players want your bags, and they want them cheap to later sell them back to you at a higher price.

  4. loves_cereal


    Of course it dipped below 8k today, because I bought more yesterday. Anyway, I know it’ll go back up. There will be a pump and dump this spring probably. Who the **** knows.

  5. Imagine thinking in months instead of years. If you believe in crypto, today is an accumulation day. If you don’t, that’s cool too. But if you’re a believer, selling on a day like today is basically the antithesis of the claim that you believe in crypto’s future. Short term trading will wreck most people, stop pretending a tweet from the head of an exchange matters.

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