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  1. parakite


    17.51 million bitcoins haven’t moved since 1 June 2019. [seen here](https://bitinfocharts.com/top-100-dormant_1y-bitcoin-addresses.html).

    So the owners of those coins are sitting tight.

    That means *only* 567000 bitcoins have been active in the market in last six months.

    And of those 567k, many would be just moved by people as wallet management or movement unrelated to selling (such as xapo’s movement of 220k bitcoins, which was taken over by coinbase. But those coins were never sold, just changed custody).

    Overall, all these highlight how few bitcoins are actually available to be bought and sold in the market at any time.

    Could be just in tens of thousands.

  2. Waunaa


    BTC business model is not sustainable. Without new retail money and fake tether printers is BTC dead. Miners have to sell because they need to pay bills. So the price will fall lower and lower because of lack of demand. This is final exit phase, be carefull.

  3. Altcoin_John


    There is still space to fall. Realistically Nano is worth around 0.02 to 0.04 per coin and total Vaporware like OMG or ICX without any liquidity right now (try to sell 1k tokens on binance and see for yourself) are worth around 0.005. If somebody would sell around 1 million coins of these shitcoins, their price would drop in tenths of percents.

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