The Number of Dying Crypto Currencies Is Rising Greatly


  1. rhorse


    Market has to decide what is the more urgent innovation. Is it blockchain? Is it decentralization? Is it digitized store of value? Etc…They’re not all one and the same.




    What a garbage article but what else would one expect from /r/cryptocurrency

    This shitty article is comparing alts prices against their ATH after it’s been clear BTC prices were highly manipulated during that time.

  3. marckolind


    Doesn’t surprise me, we saw the same thing happen from 2013-2016. Remember the altcoins on the top of Coinmarketcap back then. Peercoin being one of them, which was revolutionary back then for inventing Proof Of Stake.

  4. normcrypto


    Truth. I looked back at “Hot” cryptos from 2018 and 80 percent have dead web sites.
    Some of these shitcoins I owned. It makes me look at the new FOMO with a sharper eye.
    And fewer investments.

  5. beeep_boooop


    Trying to quantify how alive or dead a coin is based on a single event where price spiked for a very brief period of time is not a very good indicator. The mania phase at the end of 2017 distorted price, and won’t tell you anything about how crypto is doing right now. Dumb article.

  6. _Kristijan_


    Poor article. That’s really no news that almost all projects are currently far from their all-time high. But it’s hardly a meaningful indicator of how alive or dead a particular project is.

    Better indicator are:

    * How much meaningful code does the dev team commit weekly?
    * How active is the community (reddit/twitter/project forum)
    * Third parties which use the solution (willingly, not purchased partnerships)

  7. Roguecop


    Remarkable how many old school coins that were supposed to be done came roaring back in 2017 to establish all time highs. What matters is if the projects themselves stay active.

  8. CosinusPhi


    That’s an article with a rather trivial message that you can put into a single sentence, telling something most people know already: “Most cryptocurrencies are down around 90% from all-time high”.

    And that number is not “rising greatly”, those drastic price falls happened already quite some time ago, and now it’s mostly “sideways” as far as price movements are concerned.

    And anyway, for me a cryptocurrency is not dying simply because the price sinks drastically. It’s only dead only if nobody adds blocks to the blockchain anymore. And here we have the real mass extinction still before us, most blockchains seem to hang on so far.

  9. DaGoz


    Long been predicted, and will go a long way toward providing legitimacy to the market. 2017 in crypto was the internet circa 1998. Now we’re about to get serious.

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