Dash Core Senior Advisor Disappears with Investor Funds


  1. TotesMessenger


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  2. satellitemoney


    Nobody who kepy coins with /u/moocowmoo was following the cardinal rule of crypto: not your keys, not your coins. Users were asking for it, and this just adds to the list of exit scams in general, not particular about Dash here imo.

  3. Flenst


    Personally I give comedy gold to Joel Venezuela, the chief editor of dashnews for yelling [“FAKENEWS!”](https://twitter.com/TheDesertLynx/status/1201621785420189697) at this article and [just 6 hours later spreads an article](https://twitter.com/TheDesertLynx/status/1201709297434009604) that claims one of Moneros developers faked their CV. If he would have read this article he would have seen the update in the article itself refuting it basically.

    This is why I think paying a news site with treasury funds is no good idea at all. This will end up in telling DASH holders what they want to hear. This applies to every crypto that might have a treasury.

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