These Upbit “hacks” are just tax evasion schemes…


  1. tradebiz


    These hacks are inside job. I dont really think that real hackers are just going to try to hack a wallet or exchange or whatever it is that they target.

    The owner of these exchanges will just dissapear with all the money, get a new identity or transfer everything to someone close to them. Then just buying propeties, invest in other companies and get life going.

  2. zomgitsduke


    Except that would assume 100% of profits are taxed…

    If you’re paying taxes of $50m, you’re making probably around $200m profit. Losing $50m in a hack would mean you still have to pay taxes on $150m…

  3. nomadismydj


    except those coins generally get black listed. if you cant cash them out after lableing said hack.. they are uuseless.

    and no dont say OTC , every desk does chain analysis on offers before they accept it for AML purposes.

  4. bitcoinblink


    Seeing how things work with a crypto currency exchange, we can only say that to get in, you must a really tight security.

    Therefore, the hackers are extremely skilled or your theory is right.

    In both cases, this is bad for the image of crypto in general.

  5. road22


    Does anybody look to see where the tokens go after a hack?

    Everyone states that criminals get caught using BTC as payment by governments because of a token trail.

    What about all the tokes stolen from Mt Gox?

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