Inexpensive EdTech related door prizes

Hi everyone, I help run a couple yearly EdTech conferences for teachers and we always try to offer Edtech related door prizes around the $20-$30 range.

In the past we’ve given out different dongles, cases, charging blocks, etc.

I’m just looking for some feedback and
/ or suggestions on any cool SWAG ideas that would fall into that price range. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. debp49


    Just a few thing off the top of my head; Tile or Cube key finder, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, sleep eye mask with Bluetooth headphones. I’m thinking of things that might appeal to teachers. Wireless presenters. One teacher bought a wireless doorbell that she rings for “bell-ringers”. I always liked getting a cleverly designed t-shirt that was exclusively available to ed-tech people only when I went to ed tech conventions.

  2. Litpunk


    Teachers love wireless remotes from Amazon (they’re like $9-10)
    Also, you can get external hard drives for cheap, or big sized USBs
    Are they teachers at your school? If so, maybe a coupon for free install of any program they want on their computer?

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