Survey app for voting on an art show?

I'm looking for a free app or website I can use to have students vote for their favorite 2d and 3d artworks in our annual student art show. Does anyone know of any that would work?

I want to be able to do this easily without having to upload names of the hundreds of artworks and student names. If it sorted them that would be great too. I was thinking of using Google Forms but if the students type things inaccurately or use caps it shows up as different choices when the pie chart is made to show results. I'm hoping there's a better choice out there.

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  1. PaulMorel


    You don’t want to enter things, but you are worried about people misspelling things? Either you enter it, or your guests do, which is riskier?

    An alternative might be to take a picture of the one you like best and tweet it at someone.

    I don’t have a suggestion for a voting app though.

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