Alternative to Doceri allowing importing and annotating pdf


I have found the Doceri app which looked to me very promising.

  • screencast recorder included (that, for example, Goodnotes doesn't have)
  • presentation mode (no toolbars appearing on the screen)

but, unfortunately, no way to import a pdf into the Ipad app and annotate it. To add this option, one should couple the Ipad app to the desktop app, that looks quite heavy to me. The major drawback of this is that my school has no license for Doceri.

Do you have any idea of an Ipad app that, having the specs mentioned above, also gives the possibility to import and annotate pdf ?


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  1. jm567


    I’ve had Keynote installed on my iPad, I don’t remember if it is a free download? If so, then you can easily drop a pdf on a slide. Screen recording is built into the iPad. If you are annotating, I’m guessing you have an Apple Pencil? So, drop the pdf onto a slide, present the slide, and turn on the built in screen recording, and use your pencil with keynote to annotate. You can record sound too so you can explain what you are doing.

    [How to use the built in screen recording feature of iOS](

    If Keynote isn’t free, you can view a pdf in Notes and record and annotate from there, but there will be a little of the Notes app interface visible.

  2. scnbmitchell


    Couple ideas, but neither are free. First, Notability. It’s a great note taking app in its own right, but with the screen recording feature on the iPad, it works great. I think it’s $10. Another is Explain Everything app. You can do what you want and do a screen record within the app. I don’t know how much Explain Everything is off the top of my head.

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