Web Devs seeking EdTech careers

Hello everyone! I've just joined this community! I'm an aspiring web developer looking to get into the EdTech industry.

I wanted to invite everyone here to my new community called WebDevInEdTechGames.

I want to add that any Senior devs currently in the industry would be GREATLY welcomed to the community to share some experiences or maybe help answer some questions.

I just started the community today but it's purpose is to host a place where WebDevelopers looking to get into the Ed Tech industry or Gaming industry are encouraged to share ideas, leads, portfolio suggestions/reviews and overall support each other in landing a job as a web dev in either of these industries.

I look forward to seeing everyone there 😀

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  1. pdwoof


    I’m interested but confused. I like the idea of communicating with other devs about Ed tech but don’t know what I’m joining or how…. how about we make a discord server and promote it on cscareers and edtech etc

  2. Acosta816


    BTW this is totally NOT self-promotion! hahah

    Im a student looking to make friends and help others like myself learn and talk about EdTech and hopefully inspire one another to make the right choices toward getting a job in the industry!

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