Weekly Cryptocurrency Skeptics Discussion – February 11, 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Skeptics Discussion thread. The goal of this thread is to go against the norm by bringing people out of their comfort zones through focused on critical discussion only. It will be posted every Sunday and prioritized over the Daily General Discussion thread.


  • Share any uncertainties, shortcomings, concerns, etc you have about crypto related projects.
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  • Share links to any high-quality critical content posted in the past week which was downvoted into obscurity. Try searching through the Skepticism search listing to find this kind of content.


  • All sub rules apply in this thread.
  • Discussion topics must be on topic, ie only related to critical discussion about cryptocurrency. Shilling or promotional top-level comments will be removed. For example, giving the current composition of your portfolio, asking for financial adivce, or stating you sold X coin for Y coin(shilling), will be removed.
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  1. Dash3512


    Anyone else think that a possible cause to ‘sea of red’ problem is that it is becoming ridiculously difficult for the average joe to even invest in crypto?

    The Coinbase/credit card option is just no longer worth it, interac online is useless, and I personally don’t feel like taking out a bank draft and sending it to some rando exchange.

    If anything I feel like things are getting HARDER as banks, credit cards, etc. are pushing back.

  2. youtubehead


    One of the biggest sell signals is all the recent uncovered scams. It seems every week there’s new wtf scam news.

    Obviously, this week it was bitgrail.

    When the rats are leaving, you know the food source is gone.

  3. Coffee_Prophet


    While most cryptocurrencies are taking baby steps to collectively further blockchain technology as a whole, IOTA seems like they’re gearing up for one giant leap over everyone else.

    Ideas that involve everyone only really work when everyone is on board. How does IOTA plan on winning the hearts of billions of people?

    IOTA is kinda the Utopia of cryptocurrencies IMO

  4. i_love_applepie


    The Bitcoin TA I posted yesterday was rising toward the frontpage, but unfortunately the bot removed it from public listing because of the “max 2 posts of the same coin on the front page” rule.

    Since my TA was based on the BTC-EUR pair I think it would be fair to allow it (of course the trend lines are also applicable to the USD pair).

    Here is my yesterdays post. Unfortunately it broke down as I predicted: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7wo6b3/bitcoin_about_to_copy_paste_a_bearish_trend/

    Let’s hope BTC is gonna prove me wrong though and corrects itself back up soon.

  5. aCOWtant


    NEO is swimming near it’s most recent supports on the 12HR.

    Now’s the time to buy ladies and gentleman. bullish. #riskmanagement

    EDIT: Well, I guess the fact that I was looking at the ETH/NEO chart is kiiiinda important. I forgot not everyone has abandoned BTC like I have.

  6. warhappener99


    so I have 25 coins….and on 3 different exchanges, hack will happen I’m sure, whats the best hardware wallet? I was thinking of trezor but that only stores btc… maybe keepkey? I’m worried about nano ledger s with the pre-seeds one scams going on.

    I do think coins will go back up once robinhood enables crypto and after chinese new years on feb 16th. And when coinbase adds segwit

  7. mesado


    Is it safe to use official exchanges app e.g. Binance? I’m afraid of it being the weakest link but having the ability to check your funds on the go is very convenient. Should I continue to use it?

  8. abhi_crow


    I never sold.
    But I’m thinking to scalp some ven/icx next weekend .

    I’m thinking to sell as soon as weekend kickoffs and buy back on Sunday when it dips.
    Any thoughts?

  9. trolololoz


    Just 3 or 4 days ago many people said we would start going down on the weekend. Everything is just a guess but we, the ones with a few thousand dollars, are being played. We gotta get smart and look at the patterns.

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