Daily General Bitcoin Discussion – February 12, 2018

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  1. ZombieDracula


    Nigga why you babysittin’ only 2 or 3 stocks?
    I’mma show you how to turn it up a notch
    First you get a swimming pool full of lambos, then you dive in
    Pool full of lambos, then you dive in it
    I wave a few BATtles, then I watch ’em all flock
    All the girls wanna play Marketwatch
    I got a swimming pool full of lambos and they dive in
    Pool full of lambos I’mma dive in

  2. DTJ1313


    Every time BTC goes on a run this sub instantly gets flooded with Tether hate. Some of you losers have an unusual obsession with Tether. I think their jealous of the investors who have used Tether to 3x their portfolio over the past 5 weeks while they sit idling telling themselves to “HODL Strong” or “I have Iron Hands”. Grow up you losers, Tether USDT is here to stay. Stop spreading fake FUD, It’s really getting pathetic at this point.

  3. Altcoindoctor


    My top 3 at lower prices currently under radar:
    1)PowerLedger – one of the best projects out there, great team backed by australian government, disrupting energy sector with peer to peer distrubution of solar energy currently at 0.73, highly undervalued
    2)Ambrosus AMB- ALSO great team, supply chain targeting food and farmaceutical, has already 20NDA agreements with billions yearly revenue, currently at 0.5
    3)APPCOIN-also great team, APTOIDE (second largest app store behind google) is founder, aiming to disrupt google monopoly by cutting out middleman through app protocol in way that suits both users and especially developers, currently at 0.6

    EDIT : this is just informative post, read whitepaper and make your own conclusion

  4. For those of you who invested early last year or before that, how much are you up now off your initial investment? How much was your ATH up?

    Do you veterans think we have a year left of gains anything near last year?

    It blows my mind that ETH was at $11 this time last year and NEO at $7.

  5. Adriaticgrape


    Noob 2FA question. When I enabled 2FA I wrote down the activation code.

    As a test, I downloaded my 2FA app on another device, entered the activation code I wrote down and now the counters on both devices don’t show the same code, they don’t match. If I use my original device it works perfectly. If I input the code given by the 2nd device it doesn’t work.

    Did I originally make a mistake when writing down the activation code or what am I missing?

    Edited for clarification.

  6. nabuko_donosor


    Do any of you ever visit r/buttcoin ?
    Probably the saltiest place on reddit i mean some of these guys have been putting their energy into hating on crypto for years. If they just invested instead they’d all be rich.

  7. Raja_Rancho


    hahahah so many people in this thread who tethered up anticipating a dip on ta analysis salty af that it never came. you guys should not be here, because it’s hard to talk about tech and use cases if we keep laughing at you.

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