eBay may accept BitCoin


  1. bcho86


    Just like one of the commenters. I won’t believe it until I see it. Last year, there was fake news that amazon bought bitcoin domains. Only to reveal that these domains were bought by private individuals to hype up the run.

  2. crl826


    This is based on a Yahoo Finance article from 2 months ago where the eBay guy literally says, “we’re not quite there yet.”

    You let yourself get clickbaited. Stop doing that.

  3. JerryLupus


    * eBay is *not* getting rid of PayPal, it will remain a payment option.

    * You wouldn’t receive Bitcoin as payment, you’d probably receive USD equivalent.

    * eBay is likely doing this so they can get a bigger cut of your sales. Right now PayPal is earning that roughly 3% and eBay wants a bite.

  4. Things I have realized it doesn’t matter how many businesses accept it because even if it’s avalabile and people have it they don’t spend it. They just hodl and speculate on future price. Best we can hope for is store of value or maybe for massive purchases.

  5. TinaComm


    they are talking about it for a long time already. Hope it will happen because when such giants start accepting cryptos, all the others also think they should do the same

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