Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service


  1. Wiltron


    # How to delete your facebook

    I recommend everyone do this if you’re wanting to get rid of Facebook permanently.

    I downloaded a script for Chrome last night, that went through every single post, comment, status and like, and changed it to keyboard gibberish and/or unliked it. If it couldn’t unlike or overwrite, it proceeded on to the alternate method.

    It then edited each and every photo to be a black square, and purged all info like school, address and phone number from the info tab. The alternate method mentioned above also unfriended everyone, and set all privacy to “friends only”, so with zero friends, it’s essentially set to private / only me.

    Entire process took about 30 hours of this script running – which sucked because you can’t do anything else on your PC as Chrome needs to be front and center (maximized window). You need to run the app multiple times – for me it took about 20 times, going through everything from 2018 all the way back to 2007, and overwrote over 100,000 posts, 20,000 photos, and 999+ (the script stopped counting) messages/comments.

    I then deleted the account – not the deactivate option. It apparently takes 14 days to delete.

    EDIT: [Chrome Extension – Social Book Post Manager](

  2. yodiggitty


    Facebook acquired Onavo in 2013 primarily for their data compression technology. Onavo had a very profitable business using VPN to spy on everything their consumer customers did on their mobile phones, clean, categorize, and aggregate the data, and then sell the aggregated data to advertisers as a market research service with a monthly subscription.

    Good example of how a big data company you never heard of (Onavo) can monetize you with a free product (free VPN apps). Also a good example of how a big data company will create multiple apps eg free VPN and publish them on ios and android under different developer names each with their own LLC to obfuscate the relationship between the free apps data mining you, these LLCs and the lone big data company in the background harvesting your private info and selling it for $$$.

  3. scandalousmambo


    Since when does Facebook follow the rules? Their “Messenger for Kids” service is in direct black-letter violation of federal law, but you won’t hear a sound from Congress or the FTC.

    The [“Thou Shalt Not Compete with Disney” Act]( is only meant to crush startups and small businesses before they become a threat to [The Monopoly(tm)](

  4. ev3rm0r3


    The only free vpn with total privacy is one you setup yourself on a dedicated server in a random data center preferably outside your location. And if that’s not enough run 2 dedicated servers and daisy chain the vpn tunnels through each of them from far apart locations. There is no vpn service paid or unpaid that can offer you the same security or piece of mind then just doing it yourself. I’d love to see anyone dive 2-3 vpn networks deep and get any where to your information or traffic habbits. Or get complex and run a couple vm’s through different statics all on the same dedicated before bouncing off 2-3 more machines around the world that are doing the same thing. Yeah vpn’s are garbage unless you are managing them. Of course this might give you some real crappy ping response times.

  5. Korlis


    A VPN from Facebook?

    I thought anyone who knew what a VPN was knew one of the things it was needed to protect against was Zuccapps?

    Like, who at FB thought this was going to work? If you use Facebook apps then you prolly don’t know about the need of a VPN. And if you know you need a VPN you are probably avoiding all of Zuc’s stuff like a bloated plague-corpse.

  6. thudly


    So after the ISPs kill net neutrality, is their next campaign to make VPNs illegal? I can see it now… “Only hackers, criminals, and terrorists use these things! If you’re not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to hide!”

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