SpaceX to launch its satellite internet prototypes this weekend


  1. epheterson


    I just realized that SpaceX can essentially send their satellites up for free, piggybacking on purchased flights that didn’t max the cargo limits. That’s a huge advantage over any other company in terms of cost to get their products in space.


  2. catharticwhoosh


    The problem with satellite internet providers today is the data caps. I had Hughesnet which advertised 40GB a month, so I got that. It turned out it was actually 20GB during the day and they expected you to do all your file downloads with the other 20GB in the middle of the night. This was in 2012. WTF? It wasn’t like it was 1999. Buying more capacity was a regular thing and one month, because I wanted to download a couple of games, my bill was in the $400 range. Not having any internet left for the month after the first week or two was a regular thing.

    Elon hasn’t been a dick so far, so I really, really hope he can put them out of business. I’ll sign up to help.

  3. Very few people bother to think like Elon but it’s a highly ambitious and lucrative way of thinking. Start with the end goal and work your way back. I want to build a city on mars. Which means we should work on space travel, which means we will be one of few companies to do so and will have an advantage in all space based things, so lets throw a massive amount of things in space and take over. And on and on. Hell, the mars city might just be an intermediate step to colonizing the galaxy and creating mining von neumann machines to deliver supplies all over the place for them, mind as well start on other galaxies too while were at it. maybe even just have them relocate mass to areas between galaxies so the expansion won’t happen and we will always have other galaxies to travel to.

  4. RadioRoscoe


    This article is kind of crappy because it leaves out a bunch of important info. Here is some additional:

    >SpaceX expects its own latencies to be between 25 and 35ms, similar to the latencies measured for wired Internet services. Current satellite ISPs have latencies of 600ms or more, according to FCC measurements.

  5. Nice! Good news, yesterday I canceled with because their service is too expensive and too crap compared to Sweden and co. They told me they “didn’t” care how fast internet was in Scandinavia and how cheap in italy… I told them they’d regret that attitude when Elon shoots 4000 satellites in the sky competing with The Telekom employee on the phone laughed and said like that would ever happen. I can’t believe how comfy the have become not to mention other ISP’s who try milk every cent from us without improving infrastructure and service the best they can… Rural Germany has EDGE internet so I can’t even use up my data plan, it’s ridiculous what one pays money for. Even fibre internet is a joke in the town’s here…

  6. RusticRock


    Is this going to be a Space-X internet company or will the satellites be put in place and some company like Comcast, Verizon or Time Warner takes care of the ground work?

  7. hostile65


    If he offers unlimited data at the bare minimum of 4g speeds at around 50 bucks with a portable hot spot he will wipe the market for most normal households.

    I am sure he might even get in on the telecom business and just do a Google Fi like setup.

  8. fakoff


    There are supposed to be 4425 satellites total. Anyone has an idea how do they plan trajectories for all satellites so they don’t collide? Do the satellites have some thruster so they can alter their trajectories when needed?


  9. DeusExWars


    If SpaceX could work together with a company that can produce a nice tile on your roof that could receive the signals…. That would be exciting! If the same tile could also provide energy harvested from the sun, that would be a bonus!!

  10. DicedPeppers


    >”This is intended to generate a significant amount of revenue, and help fund a city on Mars. So in looking in the long term, and saying what’s needed to create a city on Mars, well, one thing’s for sure: a lot of money. So we need things that will generate a lot of money.”

    I love how money for money’s sake isn’t his goal. To him, money’s only useful as far as it can 1) get people to use renewable energy 2) get people to Mars. Don’t have enough money to get to Mars? I guess we’ll have to do this thing that makes us a ton of money first before we get back to the real mission.

  11. VICT0R9K


    I mean for sure satellite internet already exists and they are all not that good , but just think about it Space X made awesome rockets way cheaper and better than any other by any country or company what’s not to say they made a new satellite and it’s like super advanced and they position it as close and in the right angles it might be way better than cable but for the same price as it or lower

  12. AnonymousBronco


    Directv uses satellites for their TV service. I wonder how much data that stuff transfers. I don’t think Space X will have much trouble getting this up and running. I will switch as soon as it’s available.

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