US representatives pile questions on the FCC regarding net neutrality comment process


  1. Joocemann


    Nearly every politician is bought by the same donors. Without even looking into it I can predict that those asking questions have still taken industry money in the past but are up for election and need to feign interest in their constituent voter base, all the while knowing nothing is going to change the outcome. If a vote came down to fix it, those not up for reelection will fall on the sword and sabotage the vote, using some wiggle word excuse about how such and such points are not written clearly enough and they need to oppose it, but would support it if it was different (they know it won’t be reworded). It’s all just strategic acting. There’s but a handful of actual honest congressmen in Washington.

  2. RiotDX


    These questions do need to be asked, but they need to be asked in the form of a criminal trial for Chairman Pai. If the lawmakers are only going to ask him informal questions, he’ll just blow them off the same way he did all the comments.

  3. bitsinmyblood


    I can’t imagine what we’d do without net neutrality… Oh wait, it’s only 5 years old and all previous innovation and small business success prior occurred with no help from it. I think the result of the free market was compelling.

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