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  1. denonpotato


    After some opinions if possible please.

    I invested a small amount in July 17 then more in early Dec 17 and Jan 18. I believe in the use case of the coins I’ve invested in, apart from a couple of small £20 investment coins.

    Should I buy some more with fiat to lower my average buy in price? I’ve sat and done nothing since the middle of Jan, no trades, no fiat introduced. Or is it worth waiting another few weeks/months?

  2. AxisFlip


    Tonight I dreamt that IOTA was at 20-25€ or so. In order to do lucid dreaming, one technique is to always ask yourself whether you are dreaming or not. I was close this time 😉

  3. Are these swings not just benefiting the high rolling day traders massively? Surely there’s people out making so much money daily on this volatility and without proper regulation this will continue forever.. I don;t know enough about markets to say this for sure but just how I see it from an outside perspective.

  4. tofke83


    This sentiment in this sub is so bipolar.

    Three months ago:

    Aaaah! My coins went only up 40% today.


    Aaaah! BTC is down 2%, I better tether up.
    Aaaah! BTC is up 4%, I better invest in a mooncoin.
    Aaaah! My mooncoin was a shitcoin and dropped big time.

    We reached all time highs at a moment that real use casus were scarce. What do you think will happen when institutional money flows in? The technology is going nowhere. Big players are preparing to enter the market soon.

    If you invested in real use cases, don’t worry my friend.

    If you’re looking for quick gains, keep investing in scams like NCASH. Good lucking not losing your money daytrading.

  5. Yasuuuya


    I’m not worried, maybe when I start losing money I’ll start worrying – but for now, I accept that I can’t have all the glory without some of the pain.

  6. kcito


    Any predictions for when we will come out this bear market?

    I reckon around June/July. We had a huge run at the end of 2017 and the market was grossly overvalued. I think we need a sustained period of uncertainty/market limbo. If/when there is a lot of skepticism about crypto or when the hype dies down, then I think the bulls will return.

    Just my two cents…

  7. opus_dota


    I used to wake up happy and thinking “Wow I made money from just sleeping”

    I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’days before you left them.

  8. crespo_modesto


    Gotta say, having a great time tracking down trades through different exchanges for tax.

    Wow… this is stressful.

    On Coinomi when I remember how many random coins I tried OMG… at least I only tried one token.

    But dang… figuring out what went where, lost/gained money, ahhh.

  9. thepunnylord


    The whales aren’t responsible for the huge price manipulation. At least not the majority of whales. * Most of em have hodling so big that they can’t ever convert everything to BTC. Mass adoption is the only way for them to ever realize their wealth, which won’t happen if BTC keeps going down.* They don’t make money from tricking the retail traders. Most of us here at Reddit have tiny hodlings compared to Whales. The only way for whales to make a huge percentage would be by tricking the other whales to sell so that they will gain, which would imply not all whales are on the same side. * I’m tired of hearing how the whales are making money by manipulating the market. You guys need to realise they are in fact losing money if BTC is so unstable. Also, it is kind of illogical to think that all of em somehow communicate with one another and make unanimous decisions. * The charts, the market sentiment, mass adoption…almost everything points towards a market crash. I know how this sub reacts to any negativity, so bring on the downvotes.

  10. AyyLmaoDesu


    Okay I’ll try this again. Anyone know a mobile app for the iPhone that give me price alerts but also in the form of an alarm? I want it strong enough to wake me up in the night if it has to.

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