Mark Zuckerberg warned about the Cambridge Analytica-type flaw in April 2005.

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  1. viachicago22


    That was interesting and thanks for sharing. Mark’s sense that Facebook shouldn’t be integrated into houseSYSTEM is why he is who he is. It’s so hard to remove what we know now from the equation, but 99% of us would do the opposite, for many different logical reasons. His vision is his brilliance. From day 1 he’s seen the future others simply could not. There’s no reason to believe he doesn’t still

  2. halotacticks


    I feel torn. For a while now I’ve been considering deleting my Facebook due to privacy issues and their shady practices of data sharing in general. However, I still feel the need to be connected to my extended family and I think Facebook is the best way to be apart of my extended family’s lives. In your opinion do you recommend deleting Facebook if I only use it for the purpose of staying in contact with family and friends? Or would the reason to delete Facebook be something along the lines of if I was using it to post my opinions about politics or using it as a source of viable news source?

  3. xNickRAGEx


    So obviously there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle, but considering your expertise, what do you think should be the proper way to move forward from this?

  4. silvaring


    I read the communications link you posted, are you saying that the warning you gave Mark in 2005 was the one about that bug you found and went to the press about? I can imagine how emotional this whole situation has been for you and the truth seems like a very murky and deep place. My question is since you seemed like a sensible and charitable person (who was on good terms with Mark at the time) why did you not give him notice that you would be sending out a press release on the bug if it wasn’t fixed asap? Mark said in your chat transcript that you had told him you sometimes would antagonize people, was this one of those times and if so do you regret doing so? (in hindsight). You also mentioned going through a payroll mess at the time which made you quite principled on how people should share personal information, could you elaborate on exactly where you think the line should be drawn on how much a person shares? (to a public social media profile for example)

  5. oldmonk90


    Was watching the bs mark was saying in the cnn interview. He is blaming open access to developers like he intentionally did not sell the very valuable data to willing participants. What a load of bull.

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