Looking for a shared photo/video folder app with a moderation/approval feature

I'm trying to help an educator friend find an app for a project she wants to do with adult learners. The idea is a shared folder that students can drop photos or videos in throughout the week until the next class. My first thought was just a Google Drive folder, but the moderation aspect is important to her.

Here are the criteria, I'm going by:

  • Wants an app where students can upload to a shared folder with their phones (ability to send via text or email on a phone would be extra nice).
  • Wants to be able to have a separate folder for each week of class. So, some kind of bucketing.
  • Wants either a moderation component or ability to keep the folder private until she unlocks it for people to look at (main goal is just avoiding offensive content as she might not be able to check in on it for days at a time. "Trying to prevent dick pics" was her line.)
  • Wants something without too many extra steps for her. (I asked about just having students send content to her and then put it in a Google Drive folder herself, but this is more than she might be able to keep up with. There will be multiple uploads per student without a cap on the amount they share.)

Any ideas or leads for something that might fit would be really welcome.

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  1. KreebaKree


    Option 1 Email (probably the easiest)

    * Students email content to her.
    * She approves by clicking ‘save to drive’ on the media they uploaded, and she saves it to the weeks folder.

    Option 2 Google Forms

    * Create a Google Form with a File Upload as one of the question types.
    * Students that have a domain account (a school account) would then be able to attach files.
    * They would go to a central folder that she can then move around once approved.

    Option 3 Google Classroom

    * Create an ‘assignment’.
    * Students can attach files to that assignemnt
    * Go into Drive > Classroom > Name of Google Classroom > Name of Assignment
    * Make a Copy of the attached files out of there into the approved folder.

    Just remember that Google Drive the students might have the ability to change the content of the work after approval (and add ‘dick pics’, so its best for her to always ‘make a copy’ so it severs it from the students)


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