Daily Discussion, April 15, 2018

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  • News of the day
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  1. ClearandSweet


    I’ve won some money from a sports betting site but they only pay out in bitcoins. Where should I set up a wallet and how can I get my money out with the least transaction fees? They also offer payouts in other cryptocurrencies as well.

  2. PCCentric


    What’s up with the Wall Street Journal ads on Snapchat? They’re saying stuff like “Bitcoin is dead” like WTF! What are they even talking about?

  3. WhyDontYouTryIt


    I wonder if all the people who are willing to “tether up” expected a lower price to get in again.

    This would have two consequences:

    – They will eventually have to buy in at these levels if it doesn’t get lower.

    – It won’t get lower, because most people who are willing to “go tether” already did. So nobody is left (or at least not many). Only holders.

  4. lilwiz770


    Quick question, is it possible for a blockchain.info wallet that’s secured with 2FA using google authenticator to be hacked? Cos I just saw a withdrawal of all my btc from my blockchain wallet

  5. velaris


    Well I’m pissed off. RBC Visa in Canada banned Coinbase it seems. They flagged the website as a “gambling” site and as such refuses to allow transactions with them.

    It feels GREAT knowing that I can’t use my money the way I want to, whenever I want to, with whoever I want to. Nice !

  6. bobJane333


    I am absolutely convinced just about everyone way understimates whats going to happen. But one small part of me, the old sensible part, worries that it might cause uncontrollable chaos. Because if you take this revolution to the end, it wins. And if it wins, governments will go broke I think. And if that happens its a shitfight. Or war.

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