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  1. I was entirely skeptical of the recent surge but we have broken the downtrend line and I am back to super bull. After these months of despair and lost hope, its time for the gains we deserve. I truly hope that in the coming years everyone thats in this market right now can create a better life for themselves and those they care about. HODL STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS

  2. Durkbeef


    Anyone still a little nervous about the next few months? We’ve had a few small pumps in the last few months, followed by an even bigger drop.

  3. Funkspace


    Friend of mine is looking to de-diversify his portfolio but can’t post here yet. BTW he’s down like 40% in total he said. While being up on some coins. I told him not to sell at loss and wait for a break even on the specific coin before he sells it to make his portfolio smaller.
    Any ideas?

    His portfolio (highest to lowest current value):

  4. A week in the life of your average crypto derp trader:

    “Market is way up, it’s FOMO TIME”

    “Market is way down, PANIC SELL!”

    “Guys it’s impossible to get any gains in this market.”

  5. Carcass1


    Still watching the market with ICX, NANO, and XRP on top of my watch list in no specific order, with IOST, ONT, BAT, and ETC visible also. I like those, they all have some possible growth from what I can tell. Just my personal opinion.

    What’s everyone else watching?

  6. Upasaka-paul


    I think it’s fair to say that this may be the end of the decline in prices. Being less bearish is different than being bullish. If I’ve learned anything it’s to spread out your buys. $100 each week for a year will probably grow more than $5200 on any given day. If April was the bottom of the roller coaster then I am going to come out ahead. If it wasn’t I won’t have lost like I did post December.

    Source: December 2017 fomo noob. Glad I could help you get your lambo.

  7. grahambond69


    Can we have a talk about the sticked thread on the front page “With markets rising again….” , posted litteraly after three green days in a row. 3 !!! Fucking days !! and mods are talking about markets rising again. Is this some insider trading shit or are they really very very much positive (crazy serotonine level) about it ?

  8. JordanSC5


    Any thoughts/shills on platforms that can find a role once Ethereum, Neo, VeChain, etc. get their lunch? Right now I’m looking at:













    -High Performance Blockchain




    These are from the top 100sh, there are coins I need to do a deeper dive on outside that on my list, so feel free to mention any.
    Passing on EOS and Cardano for now.

  9. Using a brand new mobile phone as a wallet. I won’t touch any other apps on it or use the browser. Is it safe? Using this method, with 2FA, can I achieve comparable security to a hardware wallet?

    Thank you.

  10. buzzardsgutsman


    Would you go for NULS or ICX if you had to choose? While ICX is obviously way more developed as a project, NULS low supply means the potential for high multiples on return is quite high. Thoughts

  11. intertron


    Looks like previous BNB coin burn data says that 2-3 days after the burn is the low. Coin burn occurred at 10/18 when BNB price was about 2.3k sats and after 2-3 days it reached bottom at 2k sats.

    The January data is harder to interpret since the market was going crazy at that time. But BNB dropped from 14k sats to 7k on 1/15 [when the burn occurred](https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/952854361998204928). BTC shit the bed on the same day, $13.5k to $9k.

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