Facebook’s real fake-news problem: It’s the memes, stupid – The social network continues to roll out tools to take on hoax articles and propaganda ads. But what about the memes?


  1. j-shonk


    how about Facebook just stop thinking its their job to control speech and police thought , everything you see on facebook is a personal choice, you have complete control over the content on your time line

  2. Kellyswartz


    If you want to fix the fake news problem you’d have to shut down a lot of news stations too. We should be a lil more worried about the fuckin news spreading bullshit then some joke memes.

  3. foxbat21


    This is scary.
    On one hand, we get it that, manipulation of elections is a big problem, but Freedom of speech come under thread if we start censoring user-generated content.
    Because nobody knows what are the criteria for a harmful meme.
    I think we should not forget what happened a few weeks ago in the UK, where a guy was arrested for teaching a dog Nazi Salute as a joke.
    Tomorrow we might see a judge declaring that writing anything against a Woman PM or a jew or a Muslim amounts (politicians misusing judiciary isn’t something we have never seen before) to hate speech and discrimination.
    There are endless ways to misuse such policy

  4. LouDiamond


    I have a decent number of family members who repost a lot of memes, on all sides of the political spectrum. I’ve been actively blocking the pages that they’re reposting from and it does pay off, if you’re persistent at it.

    You also realize how little unique activity really exists on Facebook as well…

  5. BlankPages


    Memes that hurt the feelings of leftists will be banned. Anti-Trump memes will be auto-posted on every timeline. That article had no references to the countless lies told about conservatives in memes. Fascism is totally acceptable as long as it’s the right kind of fascism.

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