Tesla battery degradation at less than 10% after over 160,000 miles, according to latest data


  1. Nerdy314159265


    I hoped they removed outliers before calculating that. Otherwise that Falcon Heavy launch might’ve just been a cover for Musk’s master plan of skewing the Tesla stats.

  2. fauxgnaws


    The degradation claims come from the estimated range in miles/km as shown on the display screen. This is not a reliable indication of the battery health.

    In the past the range estimate has [shown 0 km](https://youtu.be/sHRGw_yg3KY?t=200) (@3:20) after an hour of low voltage charging or [shut down with 14 km left](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLKNu-mfkIc).

    A good measure is to actually drive the cars until they quit, but that’s not what’s been done here. Without Tesla open sourcing their code there’s no way to know how big the hidden reserve is, or if it is reduced over time to keep the normal estimated range up, or if the range calculation included driving habits, or even if the range estimate has been changed by OTA updates.

  3. andypcguy


    It might be more a function of time vs usage. 160,000 miles in say 3 years is a crapload of driving . Avg person does like 12,000 a year so that lines up with approximately 15 years. The model S has only been out for a few years. Whoever put this many miles on it really drove the crap out of it. Weather a normal person gets this same performance over a 20yr lifespan is yet to be determined. Don’t get me wrong, I believe electric is the future but the technology is newish so approach with caution.

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