Amazon warehouse workers urinate into bottles because they are scared of being punished for taking a comfort break


  1. homoscotian


    While of course it’s terrible regardless, and an Amazon warehouse is definitely far more physically taxing. Call centres have had this problem forever. Every second of every day is accounted for – including bathroom breaks, and taking too long can affect your bonuses. Taking time off, sick or otherwise earns you “points”. After so many points you can be fired. I’ve been written up for taking 3 days off when I had the flu.

    Tl;dr any industry that is heavily time-focused is toxic as fuck and not conducive to a healthy work environment.

  2. Timinime


    I visited a friend in Wales who works for Amazon and ended up going out for a few beers with him and his colleagues.

    I couldn’t get over the horror stories i heard from them about working there, and the hatred they had for the place. I didn’t think western companies could treat their staff in such a poor manner.

    They mentioned some of the layoffs the company did; a whole heap of their staff had an hour bus trip from Cardiff to the warehouse, only to find out they were fired. No busses for several more hours. And the cost of the bus trip for people on minimum wage. Disgusting the way they did it

  3. itsthebrod


    This is absolutely unnecessary and disgusting.

    To think of all the wasted time pulling down your pants and aiming into a bottle when they could just wear diapers instead.

  4. meok91


    I’m very conflicted about Amazon. On one hand I know they treat their workers like rubbish, work them like dogs until they burn out, and I really don’t think that’s okay. On the other hand their customer service is second to none, I’ve ordered hundreds of items over the years and the few times I’ve had an issue Amazon dealt with it perfectly, often going above and beyond.

    I have definitely been shopping with them less in the last couple of years due to the way that their workers are treated, but sometimes the convenience and peace of mind that comes from shopping with them wins out. I think the only way that this is going to change in any real way is if Amazon start seeing a real losses in profit due to people shopping else where, but that would take such a large amount of people that I can’t see that happening any time soon.

  5. e-mc-2


    This appears to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    > Amazon warehouse workers have to pee into bottles because they are too scared of missing their targets if they walk to the bathroom.

    So workers pee into bottles to maintain low target times. Ok then. But now target times for everyone are skewed lower because of the people cutting corners to get lower times. So managers only looking at metrics now go, “well dave over here is doing x units per minute but susan is only doing y units per minute. and steve and mike are also doing close to x units per minute. clearly x units per minute are the new target, and we can probably set the target slightly faster than that because i bet they’re slacking off.”

    and so susan gets fired because she’s not peeing in a bottle and not meeting the new targets skewed by piss bottlers and the targets get moved a bit faster because managers only look at metrics and always assume there could be at least 10% improvement somewhere.

    **If the majority of people worked at a reasonable pace, then managers would set their expectations closer to that pace. But because people cut corners and skew the numbers, it fucks everyone.**

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