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  1. WoWorld


    If you made 100$ in 2017 do you still need to report it? I heard something that less then 20k don’t need to be reported so very confused now

  2. natedawg247


    I dicked around on coinbase for two weeks (early december so i got very lucky) and realized ~$700 in gains. I was fully planning on reporting this in my taxes but finished my taxes with the intention to come back and add this, but didn’t realize once submitted I had to wait for my refund and there’s a complicated process to amend your taxes. Is it worth it to go back and report this?

  3. tommygunz007


    Given the HUGE expansion of bitcoin in the next 5 years, will we see slow gains, fast gains, and what is the expectation? Is there any fact-based information out there?

  4. theFoot58


    Remember Americans, you do NOT have to pay taxes due on 2017 crypto trades by April the 17th. You only have to file a tax return. The Tax return may declare that you owe the IRS, but if you don’t actually send a check, the IRS assess a penalty, and starts charging interest. And that is perfectly legal on your part AND their part.

    Ultimately, you will HAVE to pay all taxes due, plus any penalties and interest incurred, or the IRS will f you over.

    This is important because if you:

    * owe taxes on 2017 trades
    * don’t have the fiat to pay
    * believe strongly your coins will recover soon

    It might be a wise thing to HODL, and pay the penalty and interest.

  5. Mari0805


    As long as we don’t fall below the $7,800 range (resistance), we should be good. IMHO this drop was due to people taking profits and a correction in BTC price.

  6. WhyDontYouTryIt


    Due to popular demand we have decided to extend the sale for a very short time.

    The happiness of our customers is of utmost importance to us. So we want to give everyone, who might have missed out on this “once in a lifetime” opportunity, the chance to take advantage of these incredibly low prices.

    But be quick! This sale ends very soon!

  7. dogzwillhunt


    This blows. I don’t understand why we have to keep crawling back into the asshole of the bear time and time again. I just wish this fucking bear market would die.

  8. Venom--


    **Surely a drop down to $7000 is a great thing?** I know everybody has hopes of going to the moon this month, but if you had Bitcoin before the spike up to $8400, then sold and it falls to $7000 then you have made yourself some lovely profit for the next round!

    It also means that all the doom and gloom from last week and predictions of $4k bitcoin is now over. The feeling this week is upbeat because it has demonstrated, proven, that there will be a lot more bullruns in 2018.

    So sell now, let it fall to $7000. Other traders will jump in, FOMO. Then buy in with an increased position for the real bullrun!

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