Daily General Discussion – April 16, 2018

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  1. MFrawl


    Well to cheer myself up today I’ve changed my ringtone to “ Hey hey hey wasa wasa wasa ….. “
    and my message tone to “ mmmm no no no “.

    My missus has no idea what it’s about and thinks I’m fuckin insane.

  2. Safirex


    Can someone tell me why my video i have posted that is saying that the second largest insurance company is using Ethereum smartcontract for its new, smart insurance isnt getting any upvotes ? This is huge news ignored by many…

    Its shame what this subreddit became :/ Everyone who is there for couple of years know we would have a massive positive comments there early 2017, now everything is ignored and this subreddit is only about partners partners partners…


  3. jebiscoming


    Can someone tell me why I would use crypto over my credit card?

    Lets say I want to buy an item from a store.

    Option 1, I swipe my credit card. I get 1% cash back immediately as part of rewards program, I get an interest free 30 day loan for the amount, and I have total fraud protection in case the store goes out of business before I get my product in which case I’m fully refunded or if the product isn’t as sold and the store won’t refund me.

    Option 2, I use cyrpto. I get no fraud protection, no cash back, and my money is gone immediately with no protections in place in case of fraud or bankruptcies. Not to mention I have to call my accountant to figure out how much tax I’m gonna owe just on the crypto itself.

    I’m 10x more tech savvy than the rest of the population and I’m choosing my credit card any day of the week. When/how does mass adoption happen? Whats the selling point of using crypto over my credit card?

  4. Alex55166


    Samsung came out and said they will be using blockchain tech .. there was a guy on YouTube a couple weeks ago that hinted at a partnership with icon. No confirmation but that would be pretty crazy if they went with icon .

  5. TheGreatMacsby


    I’m curious to know why people complain about NANO and the exchange issues when they overlook the fact it’ll happen to others when they eventually move from an ERC20 token. For example the ICX team claim it’s the exchanges fault as to why they haven’t done their token swap yet. They are on record as saying it could take another 3 months (despite initially saying it would happen on Jan 26th). People need to realise that these issues will happen once the coins improve and move on from erc20 status (or implement different tech like NANO). At the moment that’s all this space seems to care about (new exchange listings) and the ability to trade the tech. Confusing given i thought adoption and an actual product was the end game here?!

  6. matthewyees


    Not a verge shill at all but since literally everyone thinks XVG is gonna exit scam, wouldn’t be suprised if it actually went up a lot. Remember, XVG has a cult following, they wouldn’t dump their coins even if someone put a gun to their heads.

  7. Best performing coin in my portfolio 24 hrs?: Some BTG I swept up.

    Oh come on – who is still trading in shitcoins?

    Surely that’s just trading for trading’s sake / gambling 🙂

    (Over 7 days Bitcoin Gold is performing better than my BTC and Monero – and many others. FFS!!! Have I misunderstood something – is it amazing tech?)

    p.p.s. Byteball doing very nicely for me!!!

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