Nearly one in 10 Americans have deleted their Facebook accounts, survey says – The #DeleteFacebook movement may be gaining traction


  1. gacorley


    >Perhaps to stem this supposed tide, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly floated the idea of introducing a paid version of Facebook with zero ads and stronger privacy protections. However, he may want to reconsider, as a massive 59% of survey respondents said that they wouldn’t be interested.

    But how many said **yes**? You don’t need a lot of takers to make a freemium model work. Most freemium models aim for a small minority of paid subscribers.

  2. Ladderjack


    There has been and always been a significant portion of the internet’s users (or almost any system’s participants) that cannot use it unless it is spoon-fed to them. Until we figure out a way to engineer out all of the stupid people who will agree to let themselves be fucked over (and the rest of us by association) to get what they think they need, we will always have issues like this.

  3. JorgTheElder


    I am going to have to call BS. I don’t use FB much, and my experience is just anecdotal, but no one I know had deleted their FB account. A lot of them are paying a lot more attention to their data and their FB settings, but am not aware of anyone that has actually attempted to delete their accounts.

    To be fair, many of my FB friends use it sparingly and don’t have a lot of content to worry about.

  4. ShadowLiberal


    I registered a facebook account just so I could post comments on a website years ago. I posted like 1 comment and that was it.

    I tried twice to delete my Facebook since. The first time I couldn’t find an option to delete it so I gave up.

    The second time I couldn’t get into my account, and was too lazy to reset the password (especially since I flag all emails from Facebook as junk to be auto-deleted due to all the spam they send me).

  5. mrwynd


    I’ve cancelled my Facebook, not just because they’re selling my info, I knew that going in. They’ve shown to be much more negligent and what convinced me to close my account was I was normalizing it.

    I will no longer perpetuate their bad practices, I may only be one voice but it’s the voice I control.

  6. Kaarous


    And in about five years we’ll have people declaring that they deleted Facebook before it was cool, with everyone else accusing them of being privacy hipsters.

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