AT&T and cable lobby are terrified of a California net neutrality bill


  1. grfn2


    CA needs to be a leader in this field/thinking.

    Our Tech companies will innovate and a new cycle will begin.

    The next generation of leaders. Some existing and some net new.

  2. Good. If corporations are not terrified of the government, then the government is doing it wrong.

    Similarly, if the government isn’t terrified of the people, then the people are doing it wrong.

    That’s the way it should work.

  3. Jman095


    To be fair, I’d be scared too. I could very easily see California going wayy overboard with regulations. I’m all for net neutrality, but I’m very wary of all this regulation.

  4. TechGoat


    Well then, cable lobbyists, start lobbying in the federal government for Tom Wheeler’s rules, get them passed, and then we’ll see about not implementing the California bill.

    As it stands now…we’re pointing at you and laughing, you stupid fucks.

  5. dotpaleblue


    >”You can’t go and get federal net neutrality protections repealed and then be surprised and indignant and complain that states are stepping in to protect consumers and the economy,” he said.

    Summarizes and encapsulates much of the issue perfectly.

    I sympathize – very loosely – with the telecom companies. That sympathy is very limited, though, when it comes down to it considering their very basic and fundamental attitude and/or stance on net neutrality, which is, at the end of the day, inextricably linked to their love of money more than anything else.

    They can go ahead and take that stance and have that (shitty) attitude, but when the hammer drops, they can’t whine and complain about it and expect to have any credibility, as they have proven themselves to be, ostensibly, *against* the free-flow of information (reasonably and rationally speaking) and a more equitable future for all humankind. They’re trying to turn the internet into cable television, basically (which isn’t surprising, I guess, considering the age of many of their executives, board members, etc…). Yeah, uh, no. Not going to happen. Think outside of the box!

    I’m sure many people have heard about it, but this [article]( gives an idea as to what many of the related companies are guilty of, outside of the net neutrality issue.

    **Edit:** Here’s another excerpt from [another]( article.

    >By the end of 2014, America will have been charged about $400 billion by the local phone incumbents, Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink, for a fiber optic future that never showed up. And though it varies by state, counting the taxes, fees and surcharges that you have paid every month (many of these fees are actually revenues to the company or taxes on the company that you paid), it comes to about $4000-$5000.00 per household from 1992-2014, and that’s the low number.

  6. Windmarble


    Good. Maybe they will see that it was just easier and cheaper to leave the FCC’s rules in place. After California passes this law, other states will pass similar laws. Then when the whole issue finally goes to the Supreme Court in a few years and NN gets put back, the ISPs will soon realize they fucked up.

  7. abrownn


    Their level of terror is directly tied to how much money they spend on lobbying to kill these kinds of bills and consumer protections. At this point, they’re “$26.3MM terrified” (as of the end of 2017). Fuck em.

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